A Media Performance Audit

We conduct three forms of Media Performance Audits.
A tech audit, an investment and supply chain audit and an AI driven audit.


Three Media Performance Audit types

An audit is a powerful control tool. Audits can test and review the quality of processes, performances, the integrity & accountability of the supply chain, as well as the safety & security of your (digital) infrastructure & assets. An audit is a good way to check and demonstrate if certain investments meet with and/ or validate:

a) industry standards,
b) contract compliance,
c) benchmarks (competitive, historic, safety etc.)
d) investment transparency & integrity
e) site performance

Our audits operate in the following 3 areas:

Site Audit
Performance & Tech

How healthy is your website? From SEO to security. We take a look at the pre-agreed areas of review and deliver an actionable report.

Supply Chain Audit
Media & Tech

A full review of your media & advertising supply chain, incl. the tech stack. We discuss the specific SOW case by case and deploy AI where feasible.

Ad Investments
AI Driven Audit

Unique IP, our AI driven tech, reviewing ad investments & performance. Tech combined with human intelligence delivering unparalleled insights.

What set’s us a part?

An analogy; if Live Insights & Tracking could be best compared with a 8K movie, a Media Performance Audit could best be compared with an ultra high resolution photo. With unrivaled zoom-in options. Once the next steps of the audit are identified, MediaPerformance is able to use such a high resolution photo, as the starting frame of the tracking dashboard. Enabling our customers to put in play an excellent control center to track and monitor the audit follow-up.