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Our MediaPerformance technology stack management program refers to the process of selecting, implementing, and maintaining the hardware and software technologies that are used to build and run an application or system. A technology stack, also known as a “tech stack,” is a set of technologies that are used together to create a complete solution. It typically includes a combination of programming languages, frameworks, databases, and other tools. We currently work with approximately 1.000 different technologies, and 400+ ready to go integrations.

Technology stack management involves choosing the technologies that are most appropriate for a given project, considering factors such as cost, performance, scalability, security, and maintainability. It also involves installing and configuring these technologies, integrating them with other systems and components, and ensuring that they are kept up to date and secure.

We can help your organization to build and maintain high-quality integrations that are scalable, reliable, and secure. We have a strong understanding of the various technologies available and their capabilities, as well as the ability to plan and coordinate the implementation and maintenance of those technologies.

  • Setting realistic commercially relevant KPI’s for your digital ambition.
  • Selecting, contracting and creating a solution stack to match.
  • Managing vendors and technology on your behalf.

Our MarCom strategists are the sparring partner for your media growth strategy.
Together we create and implement your funnels, improving your performance.

Funnels we use…

On top of our artificial intelligence funnels (currently available based on invitation only), we use the following media performance categories.
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E-commerce tech

E-commerce software enables businesses to sell products and services online. It typically includes features such as a shopping cart, payment processing, order management, and inventory tracking. Streamline your online sales processes and increase your reach to customers.

CMS tech

CMS (Content Management System); create, manage, and publish content on a website or other digital platform. It typically includes features such as a user-friendly interface, templates, and tools for organizing and formatting content. Efficiently manage and update your online presence and communicate with your audiences.

Tracking tech

Track and monitor various types of data and activities. It can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as monitoring the performance of your tech stack, processes, and analyzing the behavior of users or customers or even tracking the location of assets. We can integrate real-time monitoring, data visualization, and alerting capabilities. Improve efficiency, increase productivity, and make informed decisions.

MarCom tech

MarCom software is specifically designed to support marketing and communication activities. E-mail marketing, social media management, project management, and analytics. We implement tech so you can plan, execute, and measure your marketing campaigns, as well as manage customer relationships and interactions.


Advertising software is designed to create, manage, and track online advertising campaigns. We integrate tools for targeting specific audiences, setting budgets and bid strategies, creating and testing ad creative, and measuring the performance of ads. Effectively reach your target audience and maximize the return on your advertising investment. Creating valuable insights into consumer behavior and preferences.

MarCom Automation tech

Automate and streamline your marketing processes. Email marketing, lead generation, lead nurturing, and customer segmentation. Marketing automation software can help your business to more efficiently and effectively reach and engage with your target audience, and can provide valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing efforts by automating repetitive tasks and allowing your team to focus on higher-value activities.

Your media performance,
our mission

We are all about truly empowering your business. Specifically focused at delivering impact. From basic MarCom support to growth acceleration. Our strategies, funnels, customer journeys and toolings are designed to deliver results. 

MediaPerformance identifies opportunities based on your needs and requirements, combined with (y)our ability to define winning solutions. What sets us apart? We have an inhouse deep understanding of the most relevant digital MarCom disciplines. Our solutions are state of the art and will help our customers to outperform competition. From AI and Meta to UX, content, development and ERP integrations. We believe in a holistic approach. Just advertising,  just having a shop or just adding a landing page or social profile is not going to bring the results you require. Online is about being smart and connecting the dots.
Our solutions are tailor made and centered around (y)our goals.

We deploy the use of data, intelligence and media in all our solutions and offer a pick and mix as well as end-to-end solutions. All our activities serve one goal: Outperform!

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Our passion & experience

Our experience is based on working in the digital and media world for customers who share a high level of business ethics, a keen desire to enhance competitive edge and who value data driven marketing communication solutions. From strategy to implementation and from data to insights and analytics. We have the relevant experience and most building blocks in house. This symbiosis is used to help you outperform your competition.